As a top Leadership Development Consultant, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, a Marine Corps veteran, and an experienced business executive and leadership development coach, Marty Zimmerman passionately served over 1,600 executives and leaders of major industries – from all around the world – as their leadership performance advisor. The insight he gained from this extensive experience is presented in his books, In Their Presence: Best Practices and Stories of Role Models, and in Speaking of Success, co-authored with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, and others. Join Marty as he relates the traits, practices, and themes common to those truly rare individuals who have transcended their position as LEADERS to become ROLE MODELS. As an experienced 360 executive performance coach, Marty's ability to ask questions helps you effectively think through your results.  His open, honest and friendly coaching enables you to use what you learn to create positive change and leadership momentum. 

Have no doubt, if you are looking to be inspired and want to make sure your meeting is a hit, then look no further than Marty Zimmerman. He is a meeting planner or event organizer's dream come true. A consummate professional that is easy to work with who cares more about his clients and their meeting than anything else.

With keynotes ranging from 30 - 75 minutes and varying in content to match your audience's needs, Marty is the perfect opening or closing speaker for most conferences and conventions, or for any group looking to be motivated to reach their personal best. All Marty's presentations are available as half day or full day workshops.
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