Your presence was inspirational.  Not uncommon to hear from your listeners, but this is truly what so many of the consultants shared with me today, and they are a tough crowd... School Improvement Consultant/Program Coordinator


Wealth of knowledge, engaging speaker, generated more positive feedback and comments from our business members than any other speaker we had scheduled.  The leadership best practices he outlines are real, practical and work in any size company or organization.  He not only motivated our members, he gave them ideas on how to assess their own leadership skills and ways to develop more positive relationships with their employees, customers and clients.  Communicates very well with diverse audiences...Chamber of Commerce Executive Director  


Powerful presentation in a short amount of time.  Passionate about what he does and what he puts into his preparation... Realty Sales Manager


Marty’s message was right on target for our site’s leaders of all different experience ranges....Years later I have seen a cultural shift in leadership behavior due to Marty’s best practices leadership seminar – the surest indicator of effectiveness in organizational change and of the power of  Marty’s development. As a leader that places a high value on cultivating the art of leadership, I recommend the best practices seminar and coaching... Global Manufacturing Operations Manager


Marty sparked excitement and really struck a chord in the training and development of our top 50 leaders, all already very well versed in the principles of management and veteran at their leadership positions.  He is not some flashy consultant who walks in, gives a quick message and leaves.  His consulting style helps people reach a solid foundational answer that they feel comfortable with and others can use... College President


You sure delivered to a conference of CEOs who have high expectations.  Your flexibility and accommodating nature make you a joy to work with, which makes our jobs so much easier.  I will be sharing my positive experience with my peers across the country.  We look forward to working with you again soon.”... VP, Education and Events


Hearing Marty Zimmerman speak is a pleasure that lasts a long, long time.  He explains what his winning clients did to succeed in a manner that made me think and the audience to believe ‘I can do that too.’  As a former credit union CEO, I am known as a person who sees what is missing very quickly in any situation.  I have yet to find anything missing when working with Marty Zimmerman.  I find more useful information and lasting motivation every time we communicate... Former Credit Union CEO, Consultant 


He challenged those in his audience to consider ways to confront their fears and to risk new methods of thinking and working...inspiring a lot of (the audience’s) anger, negativity and chaos to transcend to new thinking to confront their own impetus for behavior and to move into a climate of change with equanimity and peace.  Both comfortable and comforting to listen to...engaged our minds with honesty and integrity... Director of Curriculum and Technology


His training in leadership skills and coaching is only surpassed by his insightful personal anecdotes... Professional Speaker


I recommend Marty to other groups of educators and anyone who is interested in changing the culture of their organization.  If he accepts the challenge of working with your group, he will do an outstanding job in influencing cultural change... Chief Academic Officer, Assistant Superintendent, Intermediate School District


A boundless visionary with the highest convictions that I have been witness to in the field of educational service and leadership...many expressed to me how inspired they felt from the experience with Marty, and later, how their personal behavior changes were increasing their performance and results...As a retired board member, parent, university professor and a Chief Academic officer, I can guarantee you that your district would be well served with his extraordinary conviction and passion for teaching, learning, and outstanding skills in management and leadership... Chief Academic Officer, School District


His valuable stories, first-hand experiences, and excellent speaking skills helped me rethink how I conduct business.  Marty’s ability to draw on his expertise as a coach for corporate leaders allowed him to witness parallels in education.  After putting himself through extensive literacy training, he has been a boon for the teachers he is responsible to. Teachers gravitate towards Marty because he is sincere and has unique ability to listen and understand their needs, and then, provide meaningful guidance.  I highly recommend Mr. Marty Zimmerman as a keynote, corporate or literacy coach... Intermediate School District Secondary Literacy Coach


Even though this is the third time I have heard your presentation, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned new things, which is why I keep inviting you to speak at every opportunity I can find.  Your talk was relevant to our diverse members of all walks of life... Public Library Director


The simplicity and clarity of your presentation makes it applicable to leaders of business and industry as well as educational forums.  Your message was very informative and on the mark for all in attendance.  I wish we had more time... Associate Broker, Realty


Your talk was both  motivating and inspiring to the group of school board members and superintendents....Your message was right on target for each and every one of these educational leaders coming from almost every school district I the county... Director, County School Boards Association


Do yourself a favor and hire Marty...            Retired high school principal


Marty’s message was so inspiring the first time, we invited him back for more.  His motivational presentation on “What Would the Apostles Do?” was filled with Christian love.  Marty exceeded our expectations and has left a positive impression on our Christian walk that carries over to how we react and behave in the work place... Methodist Men’s Group Chairman




For more information on Marty Zimmerman, email marty@intheirpresence.com


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