360 Leadership and Executive Performance Coaching


We judge ourselves by our intentions; others judge us by our behaviors. Gain a better sense of how one is experienced by others through Marty Zimmerman’s 360 Performance Feedback Coaching.




Using a respected, international 360 competency system which meets the criteria of reliability and validity, this powerful multi-rater leadership and executive performance tool positively impacts an individual’s growth and career, and an organization’s success. We facilitate the peak performance and generate improved productivity of executives, managers, supervisors and others in leadership positions. The 360 experience quantifies your competencies, verifies the results from a variety of perspectives, and identifies ways to enhance skills. You, your manager, your peers and direct reports assess your leadership ability and executive performance against leadership behaviors critical to your organization’s success.


This opportunity to compare the difference between your perception of your leadership with the perception of those around you promotes experiencing the adage “when you know better, you do better.” As your coach, Marty helps you explore and identify both key gaps and your consistent strengths. You clarify and bridge the gaps in perception, relative to your goals and those of your organization.




Upon selecting your manager, peers and employees to provide your feedback, you and each respondent separately receive a web-based survey of leadership behaviors to complete. Responses are confidential. Upon completion, a summary report is produced. Marty personally meets with you as an unbiased, objective coach. He delivers a comprehensive and rich feedback experience. You identify specific, behavior-based actions personal to your development and supporting your organization’s essential needs and goals. This entire process is aimed to support you and promote continued positive growth of your core leadership practice. How do you determine what defines you?   Is it your circumstance, or what is possible for you?



  • Confidence in what you are doing and why you are doing it
  • Clarity of what’s important and where to prioritize
  • Hearing what works for others
  • A continuous feeling of being “recharged”
  • A fundamental basis for making future career decisions
  • Increased interpersonal effectiveness from an "outside–in" look at yourself
  • Improves your style of giving performance feedback


Feedback from previous 360 leader participants:


Marty's strength in interpersonal skills shone through from the very beginning. The leaders who were the first ones to experience the one-on-one interviews with Marty openly talked about the value of the process to other leaders. In their testimonials, they frequently referred to Marty's compassion for people and his ability to ask questions that helped participants effectively think through the survey results. They consistently expressed high regard for him as a person. As more and more leaders experienced the interviews with Marty, others became self-motivated to meet requirements so that they could schedule their one on ones with him. Marty did a great job in helping participants go through a process of self-discovery so that the data could be understood. Thank you Marty."
        -- Manufacturing Service organization of leaders


The personal and group feedback has been invaluable in our organizational planning as well as career planning. Marty's style and capabilities are outstanding."
        --Canadian executive


"I gained a significant amount of insight from our meeting. I now have a more clear idea of the actions I need to take in order to improve my professional and personal performance as a leader. My efforts will be more focused and effective as a result."        

        --Michigan business leader


"I cannot speak highly enough about Marty.  His energy and enthusiasm brought fun to the entire activity. His expertise to the subject matter enabled him to be an outstanding coach to my team and I. Marty's professionalism, responsiveness and commitment to see an activity through to completion are quite remarkable. His communication skills were an exact fit for my organizational needs. I can honestly say that we are a better team as a result of Marty's participation and guidance."
        -- US executive



"While I know it is your job to do what you do, you should know that you did it very well and I appreciate the insight, coaching, and information that you were able to share with me. It is well used."
        -- Canadian executive



20 Leaders and Executives from across multiple industries comment on Marty's 360 Performance Coaching


…open, friendly and honest


…terrific skill in making people feel comfortable to talk about themselves


…I had pretty high expectations from what I had heard, going into the feedback meeting with Marty. He more than met my expectations


…I felt like I had known him for ages


…using what I learn to create positive change


…clear he had an interest in me


…best performance review in my 13 years


…impressed by his knowledge of leadership as a discipline and how to be a more effective leader


…enlightening, professional


…years later, I continue working on the feedback you provided


…ability to help a person soul search themselves




…I even noticed the trees on the way home from our meeting


…immediately felt comfortable with him and a sense of trust


…felt that he had known me for years, and we had the kind of discussion that would be hard to have with anyone else


…promoted meaningful dialogue and opened a constructive door in the development of leadership skills


…while it was a frustrating session for me, it was also a good one. I took some time to reflect on what we discussed, and was able to apply some insight immediately the next day


…the results could have been totaled and simply provided to me, but that method of sharing the results would not have benefited me to the degree Marty's coaching did

…so many days over the past few months I wanted to quit, but you helped me realize I was in control of the situation and responsible for making myself happy. I have had a dramatically more positive outlook since and am influencing my staff and peers. Morale is definitely headed up on my account

…the whole experience has left me feeling 'recharged'


For more information on Marty Zimmerman, email marty@intheirpresence.com


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